About us

It’s Mine was founded in January 2000 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, as an establishment, whose main activity is the sale of fashionable women’s clothing. One year later it expanded to the other cities like Riyadh Makkah and Taif, and Al Madianh Al Manawara.

It’s Mine is a global lifestyle brand dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing garments and for women. The collection are sold through our retail layouts, in the famous centers and malls across Saudi Arabia. Recently we  have 23 stores located in Saudi Arabia. Our expansion is continuing with the entry into countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Egypt. Among our international expansion there are a famous excepted cities like Paris, Rome, Istanbul, which will include in our ambitious further planning.


At It’s Mine, our activity goes beyond the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing garments for women: It’s Mine concept arises from the interrelation between a quality product with a distinctive design and a coherent and unified brand image. Dressing the young, modern and urban woman for her daily needs is a formula that we have analyzed, adapted and applied to all the customers in which we are present.

Behind this concept, there is a great team that works day to day to ensure that our company ambition becomes a reality “To be a reliable name in the world of fashion.” In order to achieve this, we combine enthusiasm, creativity and continuous training with the values that prevail in It’s Mine environment which based on:  cooperation, harmony, creativity and customer ‘s care.

Our Future plan also includes our vision to make It’s Mine the world wide brand in women’s fashion  and wears.


We are committed to attracting and retaining the best people, and to supporting their career aspiration with relevant staff training and management development programs. This is done in the following way: 

Customers Service come first. This is why we encourage continuous improvement as the basis of our day-to-day management with connection with our customers.

Improve employee performance.

To provide feedback on performance.

Identify future training needs.

Contribute towards career development

Identify talent.

Promoting continuous training.

Moreover the great strength of It’s Mine has always been within its team. Our rapid growth in recent years would not have been possible without the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedications of our management and staff at every levels to the work and creativity. We can say simply that Our employees are our wealth.


All our stores are located in prime positions, whether in the main shopping centers or in premises located in city centers and main street. Stores are of a sufficient size to display our collections. In this way, the criteria for interior design, image and product display that we have established can be maintained in order to create a pleasant atmosphere that offers our customers an enjoyable shopping experience. 

It’s Mine stores embody the spirit of our people and of our customers: a dynamic atmosphere that is the result of the harmonization of space. Our diverse team of window dressers, merchandisers, co-coordinators and supervisors guarantee that each and every one of our sales outlets has the same atmosphere, appearance, customer service and management. 

Also our stores are linking with electric sales points, throughout our centralized computer net work which we can easily manage and control our inventory  and evaluating the sales system in every sales point.

Product profile

Made from the finest materials of superior quality and fitted for every feminine wear and form, It’s Mine is design and manufactured to perfection to make each wearer feel proud and highly comfortable as she does her daily activities, or celebrating in special occasion.

It’s Mine fashion and fashion-related product are for customers who are between 13 and 60  years old. Our line product are for women. It is a true life style brand and as the definition of fashion is constantly evolving through our designing centers with .

It's Mine producing from intricate designs and materials, colorful application of different kind of beads and crystals, on various fabrics like Silk, Chiffon, Jeans and Satin are designed and produced by our high qualified staff in .

Design Centers.

In It’s Mine designers are always developing unique styles of their  own, which reflecting the unique way to satisfy our customers. 

It's Mine collections are constantly developing both in eastern and western style, with the commitment of today’s fast changing fashion. The  design center based in Paris and China  are an innovation space from which much of It’s Mine products creativity comes. 

Customer service

Our commitment is customers satisfactions, by providing high services and latest products. Should the customer need to refund or exchange any items, he/she will be able to do so at any of our stores.