Our aim to provide the best service to our customers, your purchases can be exchanged or refund within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of  received your order, as per the following conditions:

1. Make sure that all purchases you wish to  exchange  or  refund  are in their original condition. For the sake of flexibility, we do not normally require the product to be returned in its original packaging, provided that the price and data marks, tags labels are present on the product, And / or accessories supplied with the product shall be wrapped in such a way to ensure its safety, and shall not damaged until it reaches us.

2. The purchase invoice must be attached to the returned product.

3- Items that are damaged due to wearing and/or un careful trying are not considered to acceptable return. So please note that the goods are your responsibility till they reached us. And make sure  to package up it properly and don’t  return  damaged or dirty items, in that case we will not accept it  and return it to you.

4- The products bought on sale or promotion cannot refund, but you can exchange them with other size or color, and when the size or color not available we will issue a coupon with the returned goods amount and add the amount to your account, so that you can used it for further purchase.

5-If you purchased from a bundle offer you can either return all the items or exchange the item/s.

6- When the  refund or  exchange  process are accepted by us, you must  prepare the product and invoice and deliver it to the  representative shipping company.

7- Please be sure to receive a copy of the refund invoice delivered to you by the shipping company representative and keep it.

8- For Cash On Delivery orders, we can issue coupon only,  and not cash refund, and we will  add the amount to your account on our website. Once the order is in hand we can issue the coupon (Minus the return fees). And you can use the amount for any further purchase.

9- For purchases through bank transfer or credit cards, the amount will be refund to the same account deducted from it after deducting shipping charges and applicable bank charges (if any).

10- For our customers in Saudi Arabia, we will deducted from the value of the refund amount 33 riyals as shipping return charge, and for our customers outside the SA, we will deduct the amount of outgoing and incoming shipping according to the cost of shipping company to each country.